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Welcome to ILI, our Interactive Accessible Lodging/Housing directory!

Finding a home that meets our needs both functionally and financially is often difficult. Even more when we have special needs in terms of accessibility and mobility! For this reason, OnRoule.org started this directory dedicated to accessible homes to enable you to find the gem that will suit your needs. Each page is designed to give you the maximum information about the actual accessibility of the lodging or home, both the access inside such as in the bathroom or the kitchen as well as outside.

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Wherever you’re located, you can register your appartement or house. And it’s free!

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OnRoule.org aims to centralize and circulate information. We are in no way responsible for the compliance and/or general safety of the housing and homes listed, nor the quality/competence of persons registered as the contact person. It is the responsibility of the user to judge for themselves the actual accessibility of housing/home according to their own degree of autonomy and physical abilities. The information published is based on representations made by the owners, managers, organizations, tenants or any other person who released the information. Finally, the photos posted on the pages are for illustrative purposes only. They were sent by the person who registered the listing and may no longer represent its actual state or whether any changes have occurred since. These photos should not be taken as conclusive evidence of the accessibility of any place, but rather as additional information.