Our Mission

OnRoule.org is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to improve the well-being and increase the autonomy of people with reduced mobility or functional limitations by centralizing and circulating information on accessibility, educating the population, and valuing community stakeholders for implementing innovative solutions.

It is intended mainly for people with a handicap or who have functional limitations, seniors, pregnant women and families with strollers, those living with a degenerative chronic disease, and any person with temporary or persistent mobility problems.

OnRoule.org serves as a reference to simplify the life of people with reduced mobility or functional limitations by providing them with tools to improve their mobility, to integrate them into the economic activity of the city, and to battle against their physical and psychological isolation by favouring exchanges within the community.  It is also a place for community organizations to facilitate their intervention on the ground and raise awareness for their aid programs and services.

OnRoule.org was founded by Ms. Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire, President of Cblanchette, a website development and conception consulting service. A graduate of ESG-UQAM with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, she also studied computer technology and has work experience in marketing.  She therefore has all the skills to create OnRoule.org and to make it accessible to everybody. The project is participatory and inclusive, while everyone is invited to provide information and to review the accessibility of places.



Since 2021, OnRoule is now a project of the APHB, l’Association des personnes handicapées de Bellechasse. L’APHB is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote disabled’s rights and improve their quality of life helping them increase their social integration. The organization accepted to take over OnRoule project, allowing it to continue its mission and help disabled people accross Quebec province.


The idea

Photo de Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire en fauteuil roulant

On the morning of March 24, 2012, I went white-water kayaking with my friends.  Unfortunately, I had an accident during the descent and broke both my ankles.  The following four months were spent in a hospital, in a seniors’ residence, and in a rehabilitation centre.  I had to learn to live with a wheelchair and was thus catapulted into the world of reduced mobility, discovering the many hurdles regarding accessibility.  The idea for this website came to me following my desperate search for an accessible toilet at 1 in the morning on St-Denis.  Realizing that I would have to “pee myself in front of everybody,” I understood that accessibility was also an issue of human dignity.

OnRoule.org was created with one single goal in mind: to simplify life by providing you with the information you want when you need it.  I am once again on my “feet,” but I have not forgotten about you!

Take over this platform and make it yours. Comment, rate, share! I made it for you! Go! Create the OnRoule.org community and help us improve accessibility and the lives of people with reduced mobility!

Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire
Twitter: @cbdallaire
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/catherineblanchettedallaire


Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire has won numerous awards for her involvement in OnRoule.org and is behind the new concept of Human accessibility (HA).

2014 Winner


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