Our Mission

OnRoule.org is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to improve the well-being and increase the autonomy of people with reduced mobility or functional limitations by centralizing and circulating information on accessibility, educating the population, and valuing community stakeholders for implementing innovative solutions.

OnRoule.org is intended mainly for people with a handicap or who have functional limitations, seniors, pregnant women and families with strollers, those living with a degenerative chronic disease, and any person with temporary or persistent mobility problems.


Our Spheres of Activity

Accessible Locations Directory

Search for a specific district and location category to find a list of accessible locations. Each files gives you information about on-site accessibility, allowing you to choose if it fits your needs or not.

Help and Reference Organizations

You need help and advices? Discover our directory of Help and Reference organization, located in accessible offices allowing you to access their services!

Accessible, Adapted and Adaptable Housing Directory

Finding a new apartment of a new house is not an easy thing, especially when we have a mobility issue. Our Interactive-Accessible-Housing directory allows you to search and find accessible / adaptable / adapted apartments or houses that will fit your needs… and budget!

Resources and Documents Directory

You are looking for sciences studies or specific documents about universal accessibility, transports or other subjects related? Have a look to our list of documents and resources to find what you are looking for!


OnRoule.org serves as a reference to simplify the life of people with reduced mobility or functional limitations by providing them with tools to improve their mobility, to integrate them into the economic activity of the city, and to battle against their physical and psychological isolation by favouring exchanges within the community.  It is also a place for community organizations to facilitate their intervention on the ground and raise awareness for their aid programs and services.

An innovative social project where each person is a part of the solution, OnRoule.org allows everybody to make a difference and to contribute to the directory in their own way, either by writing comments, rating files, or providing information.