Human Accessibility

Human Accessibility: Here and Now

Human Accessibility (AH) is a new concept proposed by Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire, based on her work for the last 7 years in the Disability environment and her personnal experience of mobility issue as she lived in wheelchair, walker, crutches and cane after her accident in 2012. The AH aims to promote “What is”, help reduced mobility people increase their autonomy and free will, as well as promoting effenciently accessibility information of locations, as is, now.

Il est important de mentionner que l’AH n’a en aucun cas le but de nuire à l’AU ni même lui porter ombrage. Elle lui est plutôt complémentaire, en plus d’être un facilitateur puissant pour une meilleure implantation de cette-ci. Elles sont toutes deux essentielles à la réalisation d’une ville réellement inclusive.

Inclusive Cities are a mixt of Universal Accessibility (Tomorrow) and Human Accessibility (Tonight)


The 3 “Rules” of Human Accessibility

Real accessibility changes anytime
Depending on Disability, Mobility Aid, Personality and changing Health Condition

Real accessibility cannot be “boxed”
“Not Accessible – Partially Accessible – Accessible”
What “accessible” means change from a person to another

We are way more “accessible” than we think
We just don’t know which locations are accessible, how much they are, and for who…