About us

Above all, a personal experience

OnRoule.org is an interactive and participatory resource portal for people with reduced mobility and functional limitations, including among others a shopping directory and lists of accessible public places, dedicated resources, housing and homes available, adaptable and/or already adapted.

By people with reduced mobility, we mean people with disabilities or functional limitations, seniors, pregnant women and families with strollers, people with a chronic degenerative disease and anyone with temporary or persistent mobility problem. Since anything that “rolls”, does not like stairs!

The idea for this innovative platform aimed at improving the independence of people with disabilities and making their lives easier came from personal experience. It was after a sports accident in 2012 that Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire found herself in a wheelchair for four months with two broken ankles. This immersion in a completely different reality of daily life with many challenges, pushed the development of a web platform starting even from her hospital room!


OnRoule.org, a live portal through citizen contribution

OnRoule.org aims to create tools for disabled people with functional limitations to have optimal access to accessible locations and to promote awareness for others to make necessary adaptations. And to do that, we rely on citizen participation … For no one is better placed than you to describe the accessibility of a location according to your mobility. No one knows more places available than you, having built your own personal network over time.

Thanks to new technology, information sharing is easier than ever and in this sense, OnRoule.org wants to help you help others, so that together we build a world accessible to all.