#1000joursAH Social Movement

Have you heard of #1000joursAH Social Movement? Launched fall 2018 by OnRoule.org, it aims to map all public locations before 2022.

The concept of universal accessibility (UA) is behind major achievements regarding accessibility: raising awareness and educating elected representatives, raising awareness among general population, improving Building Code, requirering larger cities to create action plans that includes specific matters about disabled people, etc. It is essential in order to create any inclusive city. Unfortunately, actual built architecture makes it hard to implement, increasing costs and delays. Meanwhile, disabled people keep facing challenges everyday. It is therefore urgent to develop a parallel strategy, in order to make a difference now.

#1000joursAH aims to map actual accessibility of all public locations and share the info to citizens, allowing them to discover a whole new world of locations whose actual accessibility fits their needs, even though it may not suits everyone’s (Human Accessibility concept – HA). A mapping strategy that can be settled up quickly, as a complementary solution to universal accessibility efforts, helping disabled people better live now. No major investments or infrastructure improvements required: only valuation of actual accessibility and a better use of it, with immediate benefits!


Downtown Montreal Mapping (September 24-25-26, 2019)

For 3 days, volunteers from as far as Granby gave a hand to map accessibility of downtown Montreal businesses. A amazingly huge work which is now available on our website, just on time for Holidays!!


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