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Visually impaired?
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Washroom accessibility

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Quelle est son accessibilité?
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Other Accessibility Features

Do you own a mobile payment terminal or one connected to a long cable?
Offrez-vous des services adaptés aux personne ayant une déficience visuelle?
Offrez-vous des services adaptés aux personne ayant une déficience auditive?
Other Accessibility Features

Guide and service dogs

According to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, guide and service dogs have full access to means of transportation or public places such as commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, parks, and campgrounds. Guide dogs may accompany and assist a person with visual or motor impairments, or a child with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). For more details, please consult the MIRA web site.
Does your establishment accept guide and service dogs?

Parking lot

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Is there a reserved space for persons with disabilities?
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