L’Oracle Immobilier

Last modification: 14 Sep 2022
Price: À partir de 2500$
Property Type: Apartment
Niveau d’accessibilité : Adapted
Property Size: 5 rooms, including 3 chambres à coucher
Status: For Rent
Type of ownership: Private
Neighbourhood: Montérégie, Alberta
Date of availability: début 2023


Outdoor Access

Indoor Access

  • Elevator


  • Lower switches
  • Wider door
  • Raised seat
  • Larger navigation space
  • Free space under the sink
  • Floor level shower
  • Lever door handles (not round)

Autres éléments d’accessibilité

  • Lower switches
  • Lower counters
  • Free space under the kitchen sink
  • Wider doorways
  • Lever door handles (not round)

Informations de contact

450-910-1254 info@loracle.ca
Supplemental Information
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