Accessibility Assessment

Find a location or housing suitable for you!

The accessibility of any given location is very difficult to describe. Although several guidelines have been set to establish standards that are increasingly more inclusive and with easy access, this depends on:

– The handicap or functional limitation of each individual
– The type of mobility aide, such as cane, walker, wheelchair
And of course the personality of the individual

Between “accessible” and “universally accessible”,
there is an infinite level of accessibility,
which takes into account an infinite number of functional limitations,
as well as an infinite number of personalities.


For example, for some the grab bar next to the toilet is not necessary, but for others it is crucial. A toilet without a grab is therefore accessible for some and not for others.

For this reason, has chosen to take an “inventory”, without judging the level of accessibility. We believe that it’s the individual’s decision to judge the accessibility of any given location, based on their needs and/or capacities.

No one knows better than you what you require than you.

Do not hesitate to comment on the accessibility of a location based on your functional limitations. It may be that for some that location will not be accessible, and for others yes. The more information you provide, the more informed everyone will be, and the more people will be able to know where they can go or not!

Example comment:
I use an electric wheelchair and have a limited autonomy. This location requires that someone accompany me to help me up the ramp and hold the entrance door open (non-automatic).

Julie N.


N.B. aims to centralize and disseminate information. We are in no way responsible for the compliance and/or general safety of listed installations, nor the quality/competence of intervenors, if applicable. It is the responsibility of the user to judge for him/herself the actual accessibility of the location according to their own degree of autonomy and physical abilities. The published information is based on representations of the merchants, their clients or users of Finally, the photos posted in the folders on this site are for illustrative purposes only. They were taken on a specific date and may no longer represent present day reality or whether any changes have occurred since. They should not be taken as conclusive evidence of the accessibility of any given location, but rather as additional information.