Adaptable condo for sale with option to buy (Saint-Prime, Lac Saint-Jean)

Last modification: 11 Jun 2016

527, rue Laberge
Saint-Prime, QC
G8J 1R1

Price: $700 / month (including option to buy)
Property Type: Apartment, Condo
Class of accessibility: Adaptable
Property Size: 3 rooms, 4 rooms, including
Status: For Rent, For Sale
Type of ownership: Private
Date of availability: Now


Outdoor Access

  • Access ramp

Indoor Access

  • On the same storey


  • Lower switches
  • Wider door
  • Raised seat
  • Grab bar
  • Larger navigation space
  • Free space under the sink
  • Floor level shower
  • Adapted bath
  • Therapeutic bath
  • Lift
  • Lever door handles (not round)

Other Accessibility Features

  • Lower switches
  • Lower counters
  • Free space under the kitchen sink
  • Wider corridors
  • Extra room around the bed to move around
  • Lever door handles (not round)

Contact Information

418 251-1613


Supplemental Information


The condo will be renovated completely and will be a 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 and can be adapted to your needs.

First floor apartment situated in a loft of 30′ x 30′ includes a large portico at the front. The apartment is located in the village center, in a quiet area, close to all amenities.

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